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Avoid a Wedding Caterer

'For better or worse' should not be a vow used in relation with your wedding caterer.

What is the inside secret of getting the wedding catering right?

It is quite simple asking the right questions......

Before you narrow your choice of wedding caterers down to a few, ask friends and family for referrals, and ask your reception site if they have restrictions or suggestions on which wedding caterers they'll work with.

Ask your photographer, ask your florist or ask your videographer if they have a wedding caterer they've worked with and recommend.

When you have a couple of Wedding Caterers in mind - here are the questions you need to be asking.

From the right wedding caterer for your event you will get that good feeling during the interview process.

Always ask all quotations and all details to be outlined in writing. This should cover what was discussed, including costs, menu possibilities, and what the fee includes.

And don't forget about that tasting.