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Great Party Tips from Sydney Party Caterer Experts

It is sensible to plan the menu around cook-ahead dishes with last-minute cooking limited according to ability and the occasion.

Being with your guests at a dinner party is important, while doing whirling dervish impressions between stove and buffet table can be stressful for both partygoers and you. Consider the following points:

• Balance hot and cold dishes to minimize last-minute work. One or two hot dishes are usually sufficient for a formal, main-meal buffet.

• Go for recipes based on familiar techniques.

• Select dishes that are practical to serve as well as prepare.

• For stand-up buffets, avoid dishes that are difficult to eat with only a fork.

• When arranging a finger buffet, select foods that are bitesize or easy to handle a bite without being messy.

• Leafy salads fill plates and can be difficult to eat when standing up, so guests tend to take less from buffets. Serve dressings separately from salads that are likely to wilt so that they can be added to taste when served; this prevents the salad from becoming soggy.

• Creamy salads and dishes that can be piled neatly on plates or in which ingredients cling together air popular.

Above Cut the first slice of cakes so guests can then easily help themselves.

Sydney Party Caterer Expert Tips - Increasing quantities

Recipes that can be increased in quantity successfully include soups, casseroles, sauces for pasta and recipes for individual portions (such as a specific number of chicken portions)

• When increasing the volume of stews and casseroles by more than three times, re-assess the volume of liquid as the proportion can be reduced slightly.

• Pies with pre-cooked fillings and a lid can be made in larger portions and cooked in larger dishes without vastly increasing the cooking time.

• Baked pasta dishes (such as lasagne or cannelloni) are excellent candidates for cooking in quantity.

• It is easier to boil large quantities of pasta in separate batches than to try to overfill a pan. Undercook it very slightly, drain and rinse, then toss with a little olive oil and reheat briefly in a suitable covered dish in the microwave.

• When increasing quantities by more than double, do not multiply up the herbs, spices and garlic several times as they may become overpowering.

• Accompanying sauces for hot dishes and dressings for salads do not have to be increased by as much as the main ingredients when increasing the recipe by more than two or three times.
Above Baked dishes, such as lasagna, are good choices for supper parties.

Sydney Party Caterer Expert Tips - Menu cards

Displaying a menu card is an excellent way of letting everyone know what they will be eating or identifying dishes on a buffet. Arrange several menus on a large buffet table and remember to identify those dishes that are suitable for vegetarians or special diets.

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