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Party Finger Food Catering

Party Finger Food Catering - Food Planning Tips

For stylish refreshments, present a modest range of excellent items.

Select a number of complementary types of food, including variety in colour, texture and flavour. The following examples show how to match crisp and smooth textures and different ingredients and dishes.

Broaden the variety by including a range of sandwich, tart or pastry fillings or toppings.

In addition to the main snacks, distribute bowls of good quality bought (or home-made) nibbles, such as roasted nuts, breadsticks and Chinese rice crackers.

• Mini open sandwiches, crisp short pastry tartlets, fruit and cheese savouries on sticks, and crudités with dips.

• Filo-wrapped savouries, bread-based canapés, filled salad vegetables, and smoked salmon and/or ham rolls.

• Bitesize pizza pieces, Spanish tortilla squares, miniature fish cakes, cheese or meat croquettes, and crudités.

• Miniature kebabs, fish goujons, dried fruit wrapped in prosciutto, walnuts sandwiched with cream cheese.

• Smoked salmon sandwiches, marinated mini-mozzarella cheese skewered with cherry tomatoes.

• Excellent chocolate truffles.

Party Finger Food Catering - Making canapés

The trick to making impressive canapés without an army of experts is by adopting a conveyor-belt method.

Buy large square-sandwich loaves of white, wholemeal (whole-wheat) or rye bread and leave them unwrapped at room temperature for a day.

Trim odd the crusts, d then cut each loaf lengthways into large, fairly thin slices. Spread with the chosen topping, such as a savoury butter, flavoured soft cheese, pace (???) or spread. For speed, use a topping that can be piped, rather than spread, such as soft cheese or creamy mixtures. The bases can be prepared to this stage a day ahead; cover with clear film (plastic wrap) and pack in a plastic bag. Cut into squares or fingers.

Arrange the canapés on serving platters and then add the garnishes. For efficiency, prepare a tray that can be added to the topped canapés quickly and easily.

Fuss-free options include: lumpfish row, peeled cooked tiger prawns (shrimp), stuffed green olives, pecan nut halves, halved artichoke hearts or peeled and halved cucumber slices.

The amount guests will eat depends on the time of day and length of the party. The following a rough guide to the number of bitesize canapés or snacks to prepare for comparatively formal occasions. It is as well to be aware that the more relaxed and lively the gathering, the more people are likely to eat.

• Allow 5 items per person as an appetizer with drinks before a meal.

• Allow 10-12 items per person for an early evening drinks party (assuming that guests will be going on to dinner elsewhere).

• Allow 12-14 items per person for evening refreshments following a lunch party, wedding breakfast or reception. (Remember to increase this when inviting additional guests in the evening that have not shared the main meal.)

• Allow 14-16 small items per person for light lunchtime or supper refreshments.

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