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Great Party Tips from the Home Catering Professionals

Home Catering Tip - Keeping cool and safe

Check refrigerator and freezer space well in advance. If you are cooking and freezing dishes ahead, make sure you have plenty of storage space.

Sort and clean the refrigerator. Assess the amount of storage space you need and sort out practical options – a helpful neighbour may have refrigerator space.

• Chill bottles of wine, beers and soft drinks in a large, clear, plastic bin or several buckets part-filled with water and ice.

• Use ice boxes and ice packs when the refrigerator is full – borrow or buy these in advance.

• Make temporary ice boxes by lining rigid plastic stacking boxes with double-thick, heavy bubble wrap and covering the bottom with ice packs or ice in sealed plastic bags.

Place on the floor in a clean, safe and cool area to hold ingredients or less-delicate dishes. Cover the top with more packs to keep the cold in.

• Prioritise your refrigerator space for highly perishable food such as fish, meat, poultry and dairy products. Fish should be kept in the coldest section of the refrigerator.

• Cool cooked dishes as quickly as possible. Cover them securely and chill them promptly.

• Leave items to be served cold in the refrigerator until the last minute.

• Thaw frozen items properly, keeping them cool.

Above Some kinds of vegetables can be prepared and chopped in advance.

Home Catering Tip - Coping with leftovers

There are inevitably leftovers after a large party.

Being prepared for coping with them makes clearing up far easier. Buy plenty of large plastic bags and clear film (plastic wrap).

Some foods, such as cheese, should be wrapped and chilled promptly.

Transfer leftovers to suitably small containers, cover and chill. Leftover cooked vegetables or green salads can be transformed into delicious soup with a minimum of fuss.

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