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Grand Design or Simple Style

A clear picture of the party style and size is the secret of party success every time.

Before planning venues, invitations, settings, entertainment and catering services and drinks, decide on exactly the right type of party.

Energy and enthusiasm are essential for getting things moving but it is best to sort out guidelines within which to plan before ideas snowball and practicalities are forgotten in an initial wave of excitement.

There are sophisticated routines and etiquette for many occasions and utilising these is often sensible.

The range from formal dinner parties, society drinks gathering and seasonal gatherings. There are also just as many small or substantially large gatherings that are organised for no particular reason other than meeting up and socialising or just catching up with a group of friends.

Catering Services - Where to Start

Start with an outline guest plan: is this gathering for ten or one hundred, under fours or over forties, close friends or business associates?

If you are inviting a complete mix of family, friends, colleagues and neighbours, a proper plan would be the sensible starting point.

Identify the different types and ages; by fitting individuals into groups you will be sure to include something for everyone.

Looking at the guest list is your first priority when planning the catering services you are going to use for your party. For instance, it will help you come to the conclusion whether to go finger food catering services or buffet catering services.

Catering Services - Time of the Day

The party may be to celebrate a marriage, baby naming or Christening, or it may be a social event. It may not be a particularly joyous occasion, for example a post funeral wake.

Double check arrangements that cannot be changed later, photography or performances and estimated travelling time between event and party venue.

Also consider the different ages of, and the relationship between the guests before fixing times.

A two stage celebration is popular for very different groups and would typically comprise a formal and low key lunch or early evening drinks party followed by a lively gathering later for the younger guests or close friends.

The solution works as well for informal occasions, a house warming open house for a barbecue or annual family gathering or for weddings.

Plan the transition between day and evening, and decide whether those invited to the first part will also want to stay later.

The catering services you co-ordinate will have to take the previous factors into account.