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Party Catering Planning Guide

Party catering planning is part art but is most successful using tried and tested formulas. is Sydney's premier online catering company search website, helping you find the right caterer for your event or party.

Here are some great tips and ideas when planning your event.

Lets cover the age old party catering question of "How much food to buy?"

Party Catering Food Planning 101:

The Party Food Calculator

We always recommend you get a professional caterer that will provide catering services to your party. There are all types of caterers in Sydney that specialise in different types of catering. At we can match your party with the right caterer.

If you plan to do it yourself - the question of party catering food quantities to prepare for your guests is as old as the party industry itself.

Catering services planning is a little tricky, and there are a number of different ways to look at it, but the bare-bones answer is:

* 500 grams (½ kilo) of Food Per Person, Plus Beverages and Dessert

This is the average figure for a full meal. This figure has to be adjusted for the truly big eaters and little dainty eaters, but in general the average will even itself out.

You can take the headache out of party planning simply by hiring a professional catering services Sydney caterer in to do all the hard work for you. Get a quote today and see that the price you pay a caterer certainly pays off against the stress of doing it yourself.

You owe it to yourself and your party guests to enjoy the party in its entirety and not to be worrying about the party food catering. Leave that to a professional caterer - a Professional Catering Services Sydney caterer from