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The Beverage Calculator

When preparing and thinking about food catering for your party or event, beverages are sometimes something of an after thought.

Whilst you can organise the beverages for your party for yourself there are a number of catering companies in Sydney who will incorporate a food and beverage package for you - taking all the headaches of 'how much to buy' out of the equation for you. is Sydney's premier online catering companies Sydney search website, helping you find the right caterer for your event or party.

If you do plan to do it yourself here are some great tips to follow, compliments of

Coffee: All parties and events require tea and coffee. Plan to use a nice gourmet coffee and plan for 1 cup per guest for a cocktail type party, and 3 or more cups per guest where little or no alcohol is served.

Alcohol: The amount of punch or the number of cocktails or beers a guest will drink greatly varies. Factors include the length of the party, the strength of the beverage, the day of the week, the rowdiness of the crowd, and adjust your figure accordingly.

Some principle rules of thumb are:

Punch: 10 people per 5 litres will give you pretty good mileage. The assumption is that not everybody will be drinking the punch. It is a conservative estimate, assuming your guests drinking punch will consume about three or four 300ml servings during the party.

Cocktails & Spirits: Guestimate that your guests will consume 2 drinks per person per hour for the first 2 hours and 1 drink per person per hour after that.

What alcohol to stock for your party:
For a small party, purchase at least one 750-ml bottle (standard size) each of scotch, rum, bourbon, tequila, vodka and gin. Each bottle contains about 16 shots.

How to alcohol stock your party bar
Stock mixers such as club soda, lime juice and other fruit juices, tonic water, and non-alcoholic beer in small bottles so that unopened containers may be used in future.

Stock ½ kilo of ice per person if the drinks need to be iced. Twice that much will be needed for an outdoor, warm-weather party, or if the party lasts a long time.

It is important also to stock enough glasses that your guests can trade a dirty one for a clean one at least once, and maybe more.

You can contact now and have one of the professional catering companies Sydney quote both food and beverages for your next event. It is always our endeavour to take all the headaches out of hosting successful event or party. Organising a professional catering company will do so.